Dr. Vinay Mishra (Psychology HOD BSS College)

Dr.Vinay Mishra is a psychologist, trainer and a professor of Psychology. He holds the distinction of being one of the first Indian Psychologists to study human behavior in Antarctica as a member of the 20th Indian Scientific Expedition to the South Pole.

Dr. Mishra has been a cultural ambassador of India to the United States of America. He is also trained by the Center of Sex Education and Parenthood on sex therapy with the Family Planning Association of India.

His book “Everyday Psychology” had been launched in 2017. His new book Dainik Jeevan Mey Manovigyan has been launched last year.

Mr. Varun Gupta (CS Author of Commerce books)

He is the Owner of Varun Gupta Academy in Ujjain. He owns a coaching centre which offers various professional trainings and courses. He is also associated with Law and Judiciary for providing beneficial sessions. He motivates the youth to upgrade their proficiency skills.