Activity-Based Learning. Why it is necessary??

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As the name suggest Activity-based learning is gaining knowledge by doing activities. In this methodology students rather than attending the classes given by teachers, they use their creative dynamism to guide them through the activity-based material. At Sagar International School, one of the best school in Ayodhya Nagar we teach students with the activities to build their self-confidence and make them feel more comfortable to the syllabus. Activity-based learning is a good way to interact with students in their way so here in Sagar International school which is one of the top schools of Bhopal we emphasize on the activity-based teaching. People who support

traditional ways of learning strongly feel that it worked for them, for their parents, similarly it will work well for their child as well. We at Sagar International School, which is the top CBSE school in Bhopal focusses more on active learning which is more effective than other methodologies. It is very useful in primary education and kids education programs, so here at Sagar International school we used these methodologies like learning games and another game-related

activities. Our main focus is the overall development of the child. We want the all-round development of our students by which they will not only learn things as usual but they will also understand things according to their perception and uses their imagination in that.

Teachers at Sagar International school, which is listed in the top ten schools of Bhopal understand the relationship between learning and games. They have discovered new learning games and uses those games in learning and discovered different teaching methodologies,

they choose the most effective methodology for their students so teaching will be an interesting thing for them as well as for the students also. The activity-based method which is used in Sagar International School, one of the top schools of Bhopal, it is a technique adopted by teachers of Sagar International School, to emphasize his or her method of teaching through activity in which the students participate rigorously and bring about efficient learning experiences. It is a child-

a centred approach which is used by the best CBSE school of the Bhopal i.e, Sagar International School. It is a method in which the child is actively involved in participating mentally and physically. Learning by doing is the main focus of this method. Learning by doing is imperative in successful learning since it is well proved that more the senses are stimulated, more a person learns and longer he/she retains, keeping these things in mind here at Sagar International school, best school of the Bhopal our motive is to encourage the students to do better and to take out the best in them. We in Sagar International School, which is in the top ten schools in Bhopal imparts Value based education to shape the future of our students and helps them to learn the right way to live their life. Kids today are torn between tradition and modernity. Educators and parents are faced with an important question; how to strike the perfect balance between trying to reinforce traditional values, but not be seen as offering resistance to the only constant change in life- change. Here is one of the best CBSE school in Bhopal that is Sagar International School,

educators are training the students with the fun-based learning keeping in mind all these aspects how to make them understand the things. So our understanding of the activity method by now should mean any learning that is carried out with a purpose in a social environment, involving physical and mental action, stimulating for creative action or expression. In the process of activity-based students Sagar International School, experience, memorize and understand the concepts. They are provided with data and materials necessary to focus their thinking and interaction in the lesson for the process of analyzing the information. Here teachers are actively involved in directing and guiding the students’ analysis of the information. Here at Sagar International School, one of the best school of Bhopal, we enhance the creative aspect of the experience, gives reality for learning by using all available resources. We Provide varied experiences to the students to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, experience, skills and values. We help in building the student’s self-confidence and develops understanding through work in his/her group.

Here at Sagar International School, one of the *best public schoolof Ayodhya Nagar*, we Develop a happy relationship between studentsand students, teachers and students. An activity is said to be the language of the child. A child who lacks in verbal expression can make up through the use of ideas in the activity. Here subjects of all kind are taught through activity. We provide social relation which gives the opportunity to mix with others.

The Activities we focus on are:


watching, observing, comparing, describing, questioning, discussing, investigating, reporting, collecting, selecting, testing, trying, listening, reading, drawing, calculating, imitating, modeling, playing, acting, taking on roles, talking, writing about what one can see, hear, feel, taste, experimenting and imagining.


Sequencing ordering, finding regularities and patterns, connect with given knowledge, use different modes of perception, depict.


Structuring, ordering, classifying, constructing, solving, planning, predicting, transferring, applying knowledge, formulating ones individual understanding, interpreting, summarizing, evaluating, judging, explaining and teaching.

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