Human to Humane

“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use” Anonymous

The evolution of this planet and it’s atmosphere gave rise to life which shaped Earth’s subsequent development. Our future lies in interpreting this geologic past and considering what changes – good and bad – may lie ahead. It was a quite exotic moment for God when he created human. Human is the mightiest creation of this beautiful edifice , Mother Earth. God was quite happy with this interesting creation. He then equipped human with various qualities. So , the first virtue that was accustomed was to love each and every living and non living thing , then to care for everyone , to be compassionate, patient, praise everyone , to persevere during hard time and so on.

But slowly human started having competition for economy , status , family and finally became object oriented. The qualities which human was blessed with transformed to envy , maligned , deceiver, witty , crookedness and got fascinated towards the virtual world.

It’s high time we should show our reverence to the creation of the Almighty and feel exalted to be created as a human. It’s the time of self realization and it’s more crucial to be a Humane than a Human. It’s the era of generation “Z” . We all live under a single roof but separately. Every member of the family have their own world of technologies . We need to come out of this world and extend our hand towards humanity.

Let’s sensitize our children to value the value of this cosmos and every existence. Let’s teach our children, ” The greatness of humanity is not in being Human but in being Humane.”


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