SAGE SCIENCOPEDIA – Science Exhibition

Competition has been at the core of the survival of the human species, driving the students’ biological and psychological evolution and keeping this fact in account,
Sage International School is organizing its Annual Science Exhibition –

SAGE SCIENCOPEDIA – Science Exhibition

We would like your School’ s participation in the same.
Two students from grades 6th to 9th can participate in the Exhibition representing the Institute.

Rules & Regulations:

  • 1. Online free registration will be through the school websitewww.sisbhopal.edu.in
  • 2. School/Participants to ensure that they submit their Model abstract on or before 04th December, 2021 on sisanschool@gmail.com.
  • 3. It shall be obligatory for the participants to arrive the venue timely i.e. Sage International School, Ayodhya Nagar, Bhopal.
    • 4. A team of two participants along with a Mentor teacher will be the part of the exhibition for representing their school.
    • 5. Participants and other members attending the event need to follow all the COVID-19 norms like wearing mask, sanitization, social distancing etc.
    •  6. The models prepared by the participants should be a working model.
    •  7. Each team will be given 10 minutes to present and explain their model to the judges.
    •  8. Each school should submit only one project for the Exhibition.
    •  9. Participants are advised to take care of all the aspects with reference to their registration and other formalities to be completed on time.
    •  10. The project should be properly labeled with the name, school name and contact number of the participants.
    •  11. Students are solely responsible for the security and safety of their Model and Equipments.
    •  12. Participants need to maintain decorum during the conduct of the event and must abide the rule to avoid any kind of confusion.
    •  13. The decision of Judges will be final and binding for all the participants.
    • 14. The awards and certificates will be presented on the same day.
    • 15. Participants need to inform the Technical Incharge regarding any requirements they may have for their working Models.
      Technical Incharges: Ms. Pooja Shiv (+918889461345)
      Ms. Shweta Malhotra (+918602939505)

Free Registration Form-

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