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The present generation has been the victim of social media. Gully crickets have been replaced with virtual friends outnumbering close buddies and emotion being reduced to mere emojis. Sage International school one of the best schools of Bhopal takes care of the adolescents by means of counselling and by keeping good coordination with the Parents. Life has drastically changed. It seems that our minds are not taking this transition quite positively and most of us often fail to realise this.
If a student is extremely good in academics. He has always been ahead in school, scored good marks and his teachers have no complaints against him. Since the child is a good student he deserves a reward. So his / her grandfather gifts him a smartphone. Here in Sage International School, top school in Bhopal believes in making students understand the repercussions on the usage of mobiles with kind and affectionate words.

Let’s observe what changes have come in that child. He spends most of his time in his room.glued to his cell phone. His grades have come down and so did his confidence.
Naturally, it becomes a concern for Parents. So they try to find professional help and then they are told that the child is trying to escape from depression and to cope up with arcade. ic stress. It is not only this, adolescents are at a higher risk of mental health. Age 14 to 24 is said to fall into the high-risk category. This is the age when children go through changes. Their physical changes occur and they battle peer pressure at the same time they try to hold on to their individuality. They try to choose a stream. It’s a hard time they face. Thus at Sage International school, top private school in Bhopal do not ignore this issue and constantly counsel parents against the use of mobiles and to not allow their children to have it as a gift.

Mental health has been included as a subject and teachers are trained to cope up with this issue. Suicidal tendency has gone up in recent years that cannot be ignored.

Workshops are being conducted for the students, which is also well taken care of by Sage International School Danish Kunj the top ten schools of Bhopal. Teachers are trained to deal with the students in a different manner by using kind words and affection. To keep them busy in different activities and sports and games. Mass awareness to be created to battle the situation.

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