Distinction Between Past Present And Future.

How our minds construct the past, present and future depend on our relationship with time.
What do we feel at the present time that new year has arrived or have we arrived at a new year? You can see it from different perspectives on time.
It’s a classic example of the ‘moving time’.Time is seen as an unstoppable train. We have arrived at the moment of truth – the moving ahead perspective.
Innovation, adaptation and experimentation are those practices through which we grow and evolve. We find new solutions that improve our lives and minds and move us forward.
As much as we might Long for the simpler ways of the past, there is no going back. All of us need to find ways to weave our lives together in the forms of flexibility, improved productivity, and a greater sense of community, connection and happiness.
Future can be anything but it doesn’t exist until it becomes present which is only be a reflection of the past. As Einstein said” the separation between past, present and future is a bare, but stubborn illusion.
One’s hobbies past present and most likely future will be the same. Love for books is what saves a child. It builds self-esteem. It tea he’s about the world when there may not be a hope to see the future.
Let’s hope for a better future as we are all facing the present situation. A time in life comes when the human race becomes helpless and has to give in to the hand of Super Natural Power. With belief that the time has come for the world to adopt changes as onlookers to a better future

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Distinction Between Past Present And Future.
How our minds construct the past , present and future depends on our relationship with time
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