Fabulous Father and Super Mom

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A beautiful event Fabulous Father and Super Mom was celebrated in Sage International School, Danish Kunj (Kolar Road) which is one of the best schools of Bhopal. The event aimed to highlight the love between parents and their kids. Fabulous father and super mom competition began in the form of salad dressing and fireless cooking in the school premise. The parents took a lot of interest and participated in the event enthusiastically. It is a known fact that when parents participate in any program or event organised by Sage international School Danish Kunj (Kolar Road), the most eminent school then the child’s happiness knows no bounds. The program started with the arrival of the chief guests to the beautifully designed landscaped premise. The lighting of the oil lamp by the parents initiated the programme, The Head Mistress Mrs.Bhawna Shrivastava welcomed the parents with her speech and started the event. It didn’t take much time to gain the tempo of the ongoing contest that added an extra colour to this prestigious institution. Parents showed their talents and swiftness in the preparations of the dishes which was something to be witnessed. The children from all the classes took a turn to come with their respective teachers and observed the ongoing occasion as an exiting audience. The Super Mom Mrs Deepa Pilai was crowned and fabulous father Mr Devesh Sharma was rewarded by the Head Mistress.  It was such an enjoyable occasion for the parents as well as for the Institution. It ended with a vote of thanks. On this wonderful event The Chairman of the school Er. Sanjeev Agarwal congratulated the parents and the staff.

Every parent dreams of an excellent education for their children and Sage International School, Danish Kunj (Kolar Road) Bhopal is designed to fulfil that requirement. It promises to come up with an amazing building with all important features and dedication to serve and cater to the development of the children and society as a whole. As one of the top schools, we focus not only for becoming the best one in the city but to come up at the national level. Sage International School, Danish Kunj (Kolar Road) considered among the top ten schools of Bhopal and conducting this type of awards is a USP of the school.

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