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Student’s safety and security are of the utmost importance to us. We have GPS enabled advanced transport system with one attendant on every bus to take care of children availing the bus facility.

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Smart class is provided in each classroom. It is an advanced, student-centric and immersive learning program integrated with continuous assessment and evaluation of student perform for progressive learning and improvement. It upgrades a conventional classroom to a truly 21st-century E-learning knowledge center harnessing the power of modern technology and multimedia for maximum learning experience and performance.

Tata Edge is a smart class solution consisting of well instructional designed animated, digital, multimedia content, for smartboard as a teaching aid for schools delivered through interactive boards and projectors with complete hardware and software support for highly effective teaching and student learning experience. It comes with an inbuilt classroom assessment and evaluation solution along with it.


  • Visual learning, animated multimedia lessons
  • Quick and immersive learning
  • Progressive improvement in core student learning
  • High Overall School performance
  • Student assessment and evaluation
  • Report cards
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Library is the place where the world is confined within walls. The Library of SAGE International School is equipped with the best quality books required to enhance the knowledge base skill set of our students. We encourage them to ask questions and also motivate them to look for the answers. A comfortable ambiance for reading with all the required infrastructural facilities speaks volumes about our no-expenses-spared approach in developing our library.

top five schools in bhopal
top five schools in bhopal

The innovative minds of our young students are channelized at our well-equiped subject laboratories where they can experiment with their creativity and thinking. Along with Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs, we have a language lab to enrich the communication skill of our students. Laboratory of Mathematics helps our students to have fun with numbers and learn at the same time.

top five schools in bhopal

The formative years of children play a very important role in shaping their life. We focus on the holistic development of the child including physical fitness and mental wellness.

cbse schools in bhopal

A language lab is a place where we learn various languages. The way we have tools, equipment, chemicals and specimens in our science lab, in English lab we have tools which teach and guide us to learn and practice the language.


top five schools in bhopal

A wellness bay with a staff nurse is available at the campus for proper medical care and aid. We have regular health checkups of students in every session and keep close monitoring of health graph of an individual student.