The Teaching methodology of Pre-primary pupil

Blog by Rachna Mishra Sager International school the best school of Bhopal has been offering an education based on the Montessori Method to the pre-primary children. The Montessori Method is based on an understanding of a child's tendencies and addressing a child’s needs. The aim 

Children day Celebration @SISAN

Children are the best god's creation. They only make our life worth living. For making them feel special Sagar International school Ayodhya Nagar celebrated children's Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Culture programme like dances, song, etc was performed. The whole atmosphere was thrilled with 

“All work and no play, makes a jack dull boy”.

Blog By Ms.Bushra Qureshi In the 21st century, the pure academic type of education that students are introduced to, is steadily paving way to a whole new type of education with a special focus to incorporate three major genres of education, reasoning, psychomotor and emotional 

Diwali spirit at Sagar International School

SAGAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Ayodhya Nagar celebrated Deepawali with great zeal and enthusiasm. A special program was conducted to mark the occasion. Students presented the play ‘uttarramcharitam’. Students took part in various competitions like card making, candle making and Diya making. Children made torans, chandeliers and 

GrandParents Day Celebration @SIS (AN)

Grandparents are like heroes, they are necessary for a child's growth just like vitamins. Sagar International School respects such gems of childhood and for this, we had a grand celebration on grandparents day which included cultural events like skit and dance. The event was highly 


The present generation has been the victim of social media. Gully crickets have been replaced with virtual friends outnumbering close buddies and emotion being reduced to mere emojis. Sagar International school one of the best schools of Bhopal takes care of the adolescents by means 

People under care and affection

We at Sagar International School believe that with gentle touch we can change the world. Sagar International School, one of the top public school in Bhopal aims to be in selfless service of the children entrusted in our care with wholehearted, dedication because they are 


"What we can learn on the ground cannot be learned in the classroom". Sport is an imperative part of our curriculum. Games and sports should be made an integral part of a students life. A student should study hard to be successful in various test 


Buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and equipment-education infrastructure are crucial and vital elements of learning environments in schools. There is strong evidence that high-quality infrastructure improves students outcome and reduces dropout rates among other benefits. And this is what we provide not only a learning-friendly environment but 


METHODS OF EDUCATION Each child is a unique being. He/she is encouraged to develop social and emotional skills in addition to intellectual ones. Sagar International School, Danish Kunj Kolar road the best school in Bhopal happily takes care of this. To influence the society we