Republic Day Celebration at SiS Danish Kunj

"The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness.You have to catch it yourself",remembering these words of Abrahim Lincon on the anniversary day of our Constitution, Students and Staff of Sagar International School Celebrated the 71st Republic day of Independent India with our Respected 

Jammu and Kashmir: ‘Heaven on the Earth’

The assembly was conducted by the children of Class III, on the state which is considered as one of the Paradises on earth - ‘The Crown of India’, Jammu and Kashmir.

Learning Maths is fun with Sagar International School, Danish Kunj

Learning Mathematics is a fun when a child learn in open enviornment and in an enjoyable manner.Students of Sagar International School,Danish kunj enjoyed learning mathematics as it is a fun for them and its a lesson for their minds

Students learn the concept of HE/SHE

Introducing a concept is a very important part in teaching -learning processa and if it is done with fun and enjoyment students remember the concept throughout their lives.Keeping this in mind Teachers of Sagar International School ,Danish kunj introduced the concept of gender and using 

Tiny Tots Of Sagar International School learned the recognization of Currency with fun

Money an essential part of our lives" .Students of Sagar International School.Danish Kunj learned the concept of money and its uses.Tiny tots recognize different notes and coins of currency in a fun loving activity.

SISDK student got a gold and bronze medals

Another feather in the cap of Sagar International School, Danish Kunj-Sukhad Goutam of std VII 'A' Won Gold and Bronze medal in open 3rd Republic cup Inter School National championship 2020 held at Nagpur .

Lohri and Sankranti Celebration

Lohri and Sankranti are the harvest festivals celebrated in India in the month of January, which is at the beginning of the year. We at Sagar International School Ayodhya Nagar celebrated it through a special assembly by adding joy and warm of bonfire. Class IV(B) 

Christmas Celebration

Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way......and the Santa arrives at the premises of Sagar International School Danish Kunj and all the students and staff enjoyed and celebrated Christmas .Goodie bags were distributed by Santa to the students.Toddlers lived their fantasy with the Santa 

Christmas Celebration@SISAN

Christmas is the festival which inspires the spirit of sharing and caring. Soaking in the spirit of Christmas tiny tots of Sagar International School celebrated the festival with enthusiasm on December 24, 2019.The school was beautifully decorated and everybody was dressed in red and white 

Annual Function @SISAN