cbse schools in bhopal

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In today’s world, we get to hear a lot about child abuse and molestation. It’s high time, we start teaching young children about ” Good Touch And Bad Touch” to prevent more damage to society. Sage International School Danish Kunj the best CBSE school in Bhopal always train the teachers to make the students be aware of this kind of situation.

Most of the time, it is seen that the targeted age of the kids is very young. Sometimes below 6-7 years of age. Sage International School. Danish Kunj Kolar road, one of the best schools in Kolar road and best school in Bhopal wants the students of the school must learn to deal with this kind of situation. But the children are too young to understand the difference between right or wrong. So Sage International School is one of the top ten schools in Bhopal gives this lesson regularly.

Every day there is news of young children both boys and girls who are sexually abused by an adult who are either their family or a non-family member. The biggest problem is children do not know what actually is happening with them.

For the parents, it is a very sensitive issue and they do not intend to talk about it often they hesitate to speak about it. But Sage International School Danish Kunj as the top school of Bhopal has dared to take up this issue very seriously.

But, the fact remains that it is really very important for the betterment of the young children that they know about it and can deal with it. What is good or What is bad touch, the main focus is to inform children about the danger of it.

Start sensitizing children from a very young age. The parents have to come out of inhibitions and be comfortable in taking up this issue. The learning should start at home. Start by telling children about their private parts and no-one has the permission to touch there be a boy or a girl.

Sage International School Danish Kunj, Kolar road which is counted among the top 10 CBSE school in Bhopal and appreciated as one of the best school of Bhopal for taking the responsibility to make students understand the difference between good and bad touch through films and interactive sessions.

The youngest age group being dealt six years old. The children need to take up the matter very seriously and we as adults can become their best friend and spend quality time with them. Listen to them carefully and also share their day’s routine.

cbse schools in bhopal

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