Each child is a unique being. He/she is encouraged to develop social and emotional skills in addition to intellectual ones. Sage International School, Danish Kunj Kolar road the best school in Bhopal happily takes care of this. To influence the society we must turn our attention to children.

 There comes the importance of schooling, both the kindergarten section and the senior secondary section as well. A few schools view a child with respect he deserves. Sage International School, Danish Kunj one of the top 10 schools of Bhopal with due respect follows this norm.

 The main premises of the pre-primary section of Sage International School, Danish Kunj One of the best CBSE schools of Bhopal children are to be respected as different from adults and as an individual. The child possesses an unusual sensitivity and intellectual ability to absorb and learn both in quality and quantity. All is the child to experience the joy of learning.

 In the pre-primary section of Sage International  Danish Kunj, one of the top 5 schools in Bhopal feels the first six years of their growth, when unconscious learning gradually emerges to the conscious level. The school as the best school of Kolar road help the children to reach their full potential. Especially the trained teachers guide and help and not impose, allow the children the joy of learning.

 Activity-Based Learning

Activity-based learning with the natural growth of the brain happens in Sage International School Danish Kunj, one of the best English medium school in Bhopal feels proud to follow activity-based learning in an indigenous manner.

 The study has proved in America that this system of education help reduce the addiction in the youth and way of life gives complete satisfaction to all senses and the nervous system becomes relaxed and calm with it. It develops the brain better. So why not Sage International School Danish Kunj one of the top school in Bhopal for the betterment of a child.

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