Walk Along To Steal Hearts

Result & Certificate

Sr. No.Name of ParticipantPositionCertificate Link
1Ajay Krishanth1stDownload
2Shreya Rathore1stDownload
3Arshveer Singh2ndDownload
4Jiyanshi Manker2ndDownload
5Akshada Dubey3rdDownload
6Raghav Chaturvedi3rdDownload
7Aditya SahuConsolationDownload

Registration Closed


1. Competition will be held under two different categories participants need to register themselves in two different group according to their class.
Group A- Nursery to KgII
Group B- Class 1 to 3
2. Performance can be western/traditional/theme based.
3. Judgement shall be based on the following hierarchy
Costume-makeup walking.
4. All costumes are permitted,which maintain decency including costumes and fashion designs.
5. The participants will be given 2 minutes for ramp walk.
6. The decision of the judges will be considered final and abiding.
7. Participants will be judge according to their creativity and presentation skill.
8. Participants can use their own music during their performance.
9. Competition will be held on April 30 2021 at 01:00 pm.Platform will be zoom.
10. Registration will close on April 29 at 02:00 PM.

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