“Dreams Achievers”- The Empowerment Workshop

Experts and professionals have to reinvent themselves several times throughout their professions. The best way to get an insight of your actionable concept is to be in the company of true leaders and inspiring personalities. I happened to be fortunate enough to have this opportunity to attend such a workshop at Sage International School the best CBSE school in Bhopal.

Motivation is truly the fuel in a person’s life that helps build character and personality of an individual. Without motivation a human’s body is an empty shell and as a provider of knowledge it is of utmost importance for a teacher to have the right attitude that helps inspire the posterity. The valuable lessons of having the right attitude and empowering people was portrayed in a subtle and precise manner in today’s workshop organized by Sage International, top public school in Bhopal, a pioneer of education and development in the mesmerising city of Bhopal.

The greatest mantra to be successful in life is to have a positive outlook and attitude for attitude is the backbone of one’s personality. Attitude is simply defined as the way one feels or reacts towards any discrepancy or situation posed in front of them and it acts as a mirror, reflecting your inner thoughts that change into actions. Attitude holds a broad perspective of study, however Mr. Nirmal Bhatnagar, the academic counsellor at Sage International –the best school in Bhopal, helped me understand the need of positive outlook by using accurate and self – explanatory examples. He introduced to the attendees the THREE TYPES OF ATTITUDE namely: POSITIVE attitude, NEGATIVE attitude and RIGHT attitude. The concept of difference between positive and negative attitude was briefly discussed however having positive attitude and having the right attitude has a distinct difference which was made clear to me by the elaborate discussion and clarification provided by Nirmal sir. It was aptly elucidated through various videos and examples, that right attitude is determined through one’s past experience, their intentions, value system and the quality of their thoughts.

The main objective of this one of a kind workshop was self – improvement which is truly important for the development of teachers and to tackle behavioral issues of students through a simple yet effective approach. However, anger issues that arise in a workplace are common and they must be confronted in a civilized manner. The best method to tackle anger issues is by following the concept of AAA and by doing the unexpected.

The AAA method is an internationally acclaimed method for anger management in a stressful situation and stands for ACCEPTING, ADJUSTING and APPRECIATING.

Accepting – The process of accepting includes realizing the limitations of others and acknowledging their weaknesses.

Adjusting – After accepting one’s weakness we must learn how to adjust to their own pace in order to control and manage our anger efficiently.

Appreciating – Acceptance and adjusting helps us to appreciate others for their strengths and unique nature which is the final step to fully manage one’s anger.

The unequaled workshop at the Sage-the top five schools in Bhopal, certainly helped me to realise the power of attitude, communication and managing behavior. It was an astounding experience with interactions on various stages of the conversation which really helped me tap into my inner thoughts and learn new and exciting ways to communicate and connect with my students. This workshop organised and conducted in the beautiful campus of Sage -the best play school in Bhopal, helped create positive energy all around me with total conviction and faith from the bottom of my heart.

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