Once upon a time, a lioness was roaming in the jungle for food. As she was pregnant the lioness was feeling extremely uneasy. It reached at a hilltop from where a group of goats, down the hill, were standing. The lioness thoughtlessly jumped from the hilltop without thinking about the consequence. The lioness could not bare the after-effect of the jump. It collapsed and died. But god’s miracle that the lioness’s cub came in life.
After watching the cub, all the goats started running for their lives. But the cub started running too with the goats and after a while, the cub and the goats were running together. The goats realised that no threat is there.
The cub started living with the goats following their lifestyle. Started eating grass n even speaking in the tone of goats.
After sometime a huge Lion came to the place where the goats and cub was living. All the goats started running for their lives and watching this, the cub also started running. The lion was amazed, confused and angry,at the same time, after watching all this.
The lion grabbed the cub and took it near the river and made him see both their faces. The cub realised that it didn’t belong to the goats fraternity but was like this lion. Then lion roared and the cub fell 10 steps back as the cub had never heard such a powerful sound. The lion ordered the cub to roar. The cub managed all its strength and tried to roar but only managed bleating. The lion made continuous efforts for the cub’s roar. After 99 attempts finally 100th time the cub roared.

The lion is a Teacher and the cub is a student.
No student is a goat and all are lions.
Its the Teacher who makes them realise this. That’s the importance of a Teacher.

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