Sage Summer School


The more we give importance to Skill Development, the more robust and
competent will be our youth. Sage International School, one of the best public
schools in Bhopal, has taken an appreciable initiative of acquainting a large mass
about the need of the hour.
Learning a new skill will not only magnify the opportunities but also empower
one as an individual. Skill training not only provides skills in a particular area but
trains students to build and enhance networking, time management,
communication skills.
Skills development is the process of identifying your skill gaps, as well as
developing and honing these skills. It is important because our skills determine
our ability to execute our plans with success. In goal achievement, our
skills bevome our tools.
It is quite true skill development is the need of the hour. If India is to stand tall
among the advanced nations, skill development must be made the first priority.
Indian Government should provide skill development programmes to each and
every individual.
Success is the trophy one gets after learning lots of skills. Skills are of In order to
equip each Indian with specific and advanced skills, more stress should be laid on
practical and vocational skills rather than theoretical and academic skills. For
example, India needs to develop phenomenally in science and technology,
agriculture, medicines, defense, space technology, etc. Students should be
involved in skill development projects from an early age.
People should also pursue skills enthusiastically and dedicatedly. India’s
development has a direct relation with its citizens’ skill development. So, in order to
develop India, skills of its people should be developed.
In line with the efforts of conducting SAGE Talks, Sage International School, one
of the top schools in Ayodhya Nagar, has organized another one. In order to elaborate more about Skill Development, an extremely edifying online Sage Talk
was held on 31st of August 2020 which was delivered by Ms. Palak Saboo, CoFounder and CEO of Kaizen Academy. During this session at SAGE International
School, the best CBSE school in Bhopal, Ms. Saboo illuminated the most important
Skills need today, the reason behind their importance as well as the need for
children to learn them. She laid emphasis on implementing the pillars of Skill
Development by empathizing with the students of the present scenario. The Teachers as
well as the parents of SAGE INTERNATIONAL School, the best CBSE School in
Ayodhya Nagar, were well acknowledged about the execution of New Education
Policy, which can be successfully achieved after following a ‘Design Thinking for
21st Century Teaching’.
two types – general skills and job-specific skills. Both are a must to clinch success.
One really has to work very hard to develop both types of skills. Since both types
of skills complement each other, the role of general skills is much more than
generally known so far. Even if one has high job-specific skills, expertise, or
specialization, one must possess the general skills to further succeed in life

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