A Better side of Corona

We are acquainted with the obstacle of Corona all over the world. Everyone take the Corona as a misfortune. Corona affected ordinary life of human beings. As elderly says “Everything or every situation has always two aspects one is bad so definitely another is good” I have out-and-out belief in it. In my opinion, some constructive points of this widespread are listed below:

• Convenience and flexibility:
– Online courses give students the opportunity to scheme study time around the rest of their day, instead of the other way around. Students can study and work at their convenience. All of these utility helps students balance work and family commitments with their education.
– Online learning programmes will also open up opportunities for children from the weaker socio-economic communities who have limited access to learning resources i.e. teachers, textbooks and infrastructure. It will link them to a global network of online learners, exposing them to new perspectives. The proposition that they receive will not be bounded by the number of heads in one classroom.
– Online education can also be designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles among students. As educators, it is likely that we will have to put in additional efforts to incorporate online learning programmes into the curriculum in the most suitable manner.
– Online courses call for a greater amount of motivation and self-discipline than a classroom-based course. A classroom has one or more instructors and peers, who can hold a student accountable for their course-work. In contrast, online courses involve setting our own goals, tracking progress and meeting deadlines. One does not learn effectively in isolation so online courses do offer discussion forums, email and one-on-one support.
Technology also adds to the visual experience by incorporating animations that can be used interactively for effective learning and communication.
Since mobile phones have already found their way into their hands, these apps are being used to supplement classroom learning. Teachers and parents need to act as anchors and mentors, curetting the kind of educational content students are exposed to, during this tricky phase of exploring the right career to pursue.
They even offer a combination of the traditional system with online education. There are programmes that provide support to families that wish to home-school their children in the form of online course material. These programmes bring parents and teachers into the fold, by involving them in their child’s education from the get-go. However, their effectiveness in the long term needs to be studied.

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Ms. Sapna Pandey

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