Tree of Knowledge: The Technological perspective

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”


The Tree of Knowledge of the Good and Evil was the tree in the garden of Eden and the bearer of the forbidden fruit. The fruit that was barred to be eaten by God himself and yet was tasted by Adam and Eve.
However, the context of this biblical narrative holds countering ideas to what this article has to present. Here, we shall talk about how the tree of good knowledge bears fruits of excellent wisdom and how technological advancements furnish as impeccable and masterly fertilizers towards maximum yields.

Technology has the power to transform education as it ushers in fundamental structural changes that, as an end product, help in achieving the peaks of development and productivity. Every necessity requires a solution either in the form of a whole new invention or a mere updation; and as known to all, the necessity of knowledge provision in trying times like these, has led to a head-to-toe updation in the teaching instruments and methodologies.

Technology today has infused classrooms with digital learning tools and has expanded course offerings, experiences, and learning materials. It supports learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; builds 21st century skills; increases student engagement and motivation; and accelerates learning.

Considering the scenario of physical classroom, some stakeholders view technology as a distraction and view technology as a little more than a necessary evil; but after almost a year and a half of remote and distant learning, perspectives are changing and forwarding towards the realization that technology and the power of digital devices, apps and tools can increase engagement, encourage collaboration, spark innovation and enhance student learning.

The very many positive aspects of direct inclusion of technology into the process of give and take of knowledge builds a solid bridge of improved understanding, easier access to resources, better revisions and innovative testing methods which is enabling students to cross the barriers of restricted time limits to knowledge gain, heavy bag schooling conditions, lack of help and regressive testing methodologies.

Thanks to technology, classrooms no longer have walls and learning no longer has boundaries. A child can go on an expedition in his geography lessons and can now meet his historical heroes visually. It is no longer a case of still 2D pictures in printed textbooks but now has scopes of moving pictures, 3D visualization and interaction-based learning.

A balanced approach with merits of tech with a tint of traditional methods would help our education system reach the point of creating amazing human beings for our society!

We at SAGE International school have been striving to find this perfect recipe to knowledge provision and are proud to present an extensive teaching environment to our children where they can generate skills for their social lives along with bettering their academic graph. We believe in making the society a better place to live through every lesson provided and every piece of knowledge delivered.


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