Social Dynamics and Communication Skills

‘Man is a social animal.’ This is a very commonly heard and read phrase but is also
very frequently ignored when it comes to a person’s development and growth. In the
contemporary world, how a person is viewed by the society has gained so much importance
that people are busy managing their image in the society and are less worried about what their
actual personality is! The courses of actions a person takes or intends to take with regard to the
same can be termed as Social dynamics.
Social Dynamics can be defined as the conduct of an individual that is a consequence of
his/her different connections with people, bunch of individuals, neighbours, different
cooperation via online media, and so forth. Considering this explanation as our base for
discussion, let us focus on phrase wise understanding of this definition.
Firstly, the phrase ‘conduct of an individual’, merely means the actions a person deems
fit to be taken in a situation be it in just a simple conversation or bigger decisions in life. A
person’s education plays a vital role in directing his or her ‘conduct’. A well-educated and
experienced person has a well planned and thought off conduct, while a person with lesser
experiences seems to be reflexive and unsought.
Secondly, the definition also states that a person’s conduct is also the consequence of
what the mind, heart and the senses receive from the surroundings such as his/her connections
with the people around. Here too, a proper schooling can work wonders. For example, a
person schooled in a reputed institution with fellow students meeting him/her everyday largely
impact’s the child’s attitude towards a fellow learner in terms of team work and also helps him
learn coexistence and tolerance towards others.
It can be said that if social dynamics is a pillar in a person’s personality, communication
skills are surely the base to it. As a matter of fact, having excellent ideas to engage without the
ability to explain them to others or having feelings that cannot be expressed or having
knowledge that cannot be passed on are a waste.
Coexisting is the law of nature and can be strengthened through communication and
social dynamics. Listening is the first step towards communication. A child must be taught to
be humble and to listen what his/her fellow learners and adults have to say. This process also
has to be bidirectional.
As one learns to express oneself and to understand what one is pondered with, it
becomes easier to make judged and balanced decisions that leads to a prosperous growth.
Also, importantly, one must learn to understand what his gut says while in a situation.
We at SAGE International School, are determined to provide such a schooling that
allows a child bloom with growing communication and social dynamics skills. Binding the
ideas of team spirit into the minds of our children is one of our major aims and will continue
to be for sure!

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