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Let’s praise our Corona warrior : Teachers

In this crucial and risky situation, we all are ignoring the efforts of the teacher’s. The teacher’s who are the reason behind our respected designations. She/he teaches you well in your life which further leads you in your future.
But in this situation we all are praising the efforts of doctor’s and the other officials who are working as a warrior, where as we all are ignoring the efforts of our teacher’s who is available 24×7 for the better learning of the students.
As this CO time brings a lot of changes in the working pattern. Similarly it also came up with a idea of online learning through online video classes,which is quite difficult for teacher’s as well as for student’s, but the way teacher’s doing there is the reason, which declares them as a Corona warrior.
As most of the student’s were facing the issue of depression and loneliness, because this lockdown puts them inside there houses where they don’t have enough things to do i.e to learn or to play.
The teachers and the students as well motivated and they help the students in a manner to keep them in touch with academics by the help of some different innovations(new methods of learning).

Where these students opted the activities which was there in his/her intrest list.
Various new idea’s like 3D classes. The concept of 3D classes are being adopted during this time by just to increase the interest of the teaching pattern.
Teacher’s worked really hard during this situation as most of Them does not have a experience of these kinds of innovation. They worked really well.
Come let’s appreciate our true Corona warrior – teacher’s.

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