Safety measures during Covid 19

As it is rightly said Schools are the temple of knowledge so In Sage International School, the best school of Bhopal, we inculcate the best qualities in our students to become successful in their career and life. A very amazing Sanskrit verse speaks about the five qualities that a student must possess. In fact, each one of us is a student in our life and this is why we should possess and cultivate these qualities.

“Kakchestabakodhyanam, shwannidratathaiwa cha alpaharigrihtyaagiVidhyarthipanchalakshnam”.

Vidhyarthi – Vidhya means knowledge and arthi means one who desires knowledge. All of us should possess these five characteristics. In sage International school we focus more and more on providing knowledge to our students not only by books but also by practical learning.

KakCheshta  (The efforts of  a Crow)

All of us in our childhood have read the story of the thirsty crow that worked hard to quench its thirst. Kakcheshta refers to that patience, hard work and the efforts of the crow. If we have to achieve success in our life we have to work vigorously hard for it. The students of Sage International school the best CBSE school of the city train their students by various methods of learning and experience.

BakoDhyanam (The focus of a Crane)

When one looks at the crane standing on one leg completely focused on the water. The crane with one-pointed attention is looking at the water. The crane will allow the small fish to swim around and not to be satisfied with them. The crane will focus and wait for the big fish to come. If the crane wants the big fish it will have to pass by the small fish. Similarly in life when we want to focus on what is important we should allow the small things to pass by. We shouldn’t be distracted by the little things. Sometimes there will be some interpersonal issues and conflicts; sometimes there will be some health crisis. Sometimes there might be financial crisis. So many things keep happening in life. Let the small things pass by. And focus on what is important.

ShwanNidra (The alertness of a Dog)

Shwan means dog and Nidra means sleep. The ShwanNidra means the sleep of a dog. To be more precise the alertness of a dog. All of us have seen when a dog sleeps although the eyes of the dog are closed, the dog remains alert. Even if there is little sound the dog immediately opens its eyes.

All those who want knowledge in life and want to pursue something meaningful in life have to practice the quality of alertness. One should always be alert to its surroundings as there is a lot to learn from the people, objects, from situations and from surrounding and we will only learn when we are alert.The exercises for making child’s brain alert and active are practiced hard and regularly in Sage International School which is one of the best known school of Bhopal. Many brain activities and assignments are conducted   for the proper functioning of students mind.

Alpahari (Inputs we give to our senses)

Ahar means food and alpa means less. So literally alpahari means that a vidhyarthi or one seeking knowledge should eat less.There are different kinds of food, for example for our tongue we have food, for our ears we have the sound, music or talks. For our eyes sights, people, beautiful scenes.

By becoming alpahari it means that we should be very careful of what inputs we give to our senses. Because whatever input we give to our sense actually go and make a deep indelible impression on our physique and on our inner system. In Sanskrit, it is called Sanskara. Sanskara means that indelible impression that sensory inputs leave on our minds.

We give so many inputs to our senses and they leave a very indelible mark and sometimesinerasable mark on our minds.  Therefore when we talk about alpaahari, therefore, we should be very careful to choose those sensory inputs which are of value and the things that we want the mind space to be filled with. We should not subject ourselves to the unwanted things in the world around which will go and occupy the precious mind space which should not be taken by unwanted less valuable and fewer priority things. Our mind space is meant and reserved for the most important and valuable things. The Sage International School specially educates their students by providing SanskaarShiksha on regular basis, to make them better citizens.

Grahtyagi (leaving our comfort zone)

Grah means home tyagi means to give up. In the ancient times in India, students would leave their homes at an early age and go to study under their teachers and gurus in the school called gurukul. Grahtyagi means leaving home to go in pursuit of knowledge in its real implied sense. Grahtyagi doesn’t mean leaving home. It means leaving our comfort zone. If we are living in our comfort zone then there is no chance of pursuing something which is of true value. Therefore grahtyagi means coming out of our comfort zone.

Being the Best CBSE School of Kolar, The Sage International School cultivates this characteristic in their students that “No pains means no gains”.

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Safety measures during Covid 19
Sage International School, one of the best CBSE schools in Bhopal believes that Life during the COVID-19 pandemic is difficult for parents and children alike
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