Sage Talk With Swami Chidrupanand Ji

Sage talk is back with a new session “Mind Management During Lockdown” with Religious leader Pandit Swami Chidrupananda ji. He delivers a discourse on how to manage mind in an adverse or difficult situation. Chancellor Sage University, and CMD, The Sage Group, Mr. Sanjeev Agrawal has moderating the session.

“Calm in Crisis”
by Bramha Kumari Sister Shivani”

To nurture the soul and to providing mental food…….. ‘The SAGE Group’ conducted a Spiritual session of BK Sister Shivani. Shivani Didi said, “We have to do right karma to make our destiny”.

Sage talk with Pandit Vijay Shankar Ji

A spiritual session…… with Pandit Vijay Shankar Ji, who taught that how we can motivate our self, how we can remove negativity and how we can manage our lives with discipline. Vijay Shankar Ji beautifully said that without internal strength we can not win so that our actions must be in discipline to defeat our internal negativity..

Sage Talk with Mr.Murray
to succeed in the world we injured by our own skills.

The Sage group believes in the new sparkle of knowledge and the speaker of Sage Talks Mr.Murray thinks the same.Mr. Murray threw the lights on How our lives will be and What kind of Skill Mapping will be needed to adopt after this pandemic.

Sage Talk with Dr. Rahul Agrawal,
Pediatrician & Neonatologist

Talk of! And Talk to! A Pediatrician
Viral illnesses, prevention, immunity issues, food habits along with COVID-19 issues-particularly in children

Sage Talk with Mr Gaurav Yadav
Founder and CEO,Edu Ace Services and Indian Principal’s Network

Sage International school orgainzed a fruitful session of Sage Talks with Mr Gaurava Yadav, Founder and CEO,Edu Ace Services and Indian Principal’s Network. The session was based on ‘ DON’T WASTE A CRISIS. In the session he focused on learning from new (Ab) normal. He motivated human to adapt the new technology globally and live with it . He highlighted the qualities which can make a mentor a leader of future. He also asked the people to introspect as to what went wrong and how can we come out of it globally.

Sage Talk With Mr. Rajesh Awasthi
Principal Choithram School, Manikbagh INDORE M.P

TO BRING POSITIVITY THROUGH LEARNING TECHNOLOGY AND CONNECTEDNESS WITHIN LEARNERS AND EDUCATORS. SAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL organized a learning session with Mr Rajesh Awasthi, Principal Choithram School, Manikbagh INDORE M.P. on the topic ‘The Post Pandemic Teacher’. In the session the speaker focuses that the role of educators should be redefined, it should be more flexible, creative and towards the development of young minds, He updated educators to ponder on their thoughts and proceed towards building resilience in this pandemic situation. He also wanted educators to establish a routine and maintain clear communication which is very crucial in today’s time. He highlighted that every single educator needs to unlock the technology to deliver education. He advised using technology for the well-being of the learners which will increase their potential. He concluded with a note to set PRIORITIES and build HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and look into the behavioural compliance so that the society gets benefited.

Sage Talk With Ms. Kala Mohan
Educationist, Counseling Psychologist and Special Educator NIRT and Nidaan inclusive school

‘Togetherness is the essentiality and the need of an hour which can create unity globally’. SAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL arranged a productive and healing Sage Talks session by Ms Kala Mohan, Educationist, Counseling Psychologist and Special Educator NIRT and Nidaan inclusive school on the topic ‘Reassurance, Healing and Sensitivity during Lockdown’. She focused on maintaining social bonding with our near and dear ones. She stressed to defuse all the negativity, anger and anxiety from our lives. She said, “IT IS NOT HAPPY PEOPLE WHO ARE THANKFUL BUT IT IS THANKFUL PEOPLE WHO ARE HAPPY”. She also talked about the power of POSITIVITY and SERENITY. She wanted people to create and build a healthy and peaceful environment at home so that gradually bounding can be build. She concluded with a note of gratitude as it should always remain with us for our life.

Sage Talk with Ms. Jiya Sharma
Anchor Associate Producer Zee News

Sage International School organized it’s first SAGE Talk with Ms. JIYA SHARMA anchor and associate producer,Zee news on the topic of media’s role in this covid times. She explained on how are they even working 24*7 with the flow and giving us correct and uptodate information. Moderator Ms. Shazia Alam asked about the migrant labourers and the authentication or news they serve, she very well explained they only rely on their Camera recorded footages. She appreciated SAGE group and our respected ED Ms. Sakshi Agrawal on getting a recent award bt Zee news.

Sage Talk with Ms Poonam Joshy and Ms Jyoti Pande
English Speaker, Motivational Speaker , a poet, Storyteller,Psychotherapist

‘Truth and Stories Travel Together’ SAGE International school invited two specialist story tellers and motivational speakers,poets and artists, Ms Poonam Joshy and Ms Jyoti Pande for the Sage Talks. The speakers focused on the thought that stories play a crucial and important part in everyone’s life’s as they are very powerful.They said ,”A story is a connected series of incidents which always have a thought and a message.” They highlighted that stories have the element of emotions.As storytelling is a skill which is the medium of communication between a listener and a teller. They concluded with a thought that a story should be narrated and the listeners should come up with their thought of its ending and moral which will definitely provoke their curiosity .They also added that a good listener can always be a good teller.

Sage Talk with Mrs Anuradha Shankar Singh
ADG (Training), PHQ, Bhopal

The Dynamic and Assertive women “Anuradha Shankar Singh(ADG)” guided us about the circumstances of present scenario. By putting light on the history of viruses and the challenges faced by the people which are still effecting human lives. She empasised on women empowerment n their conditions in medieval times n present scenario. She concluded by giving proper guidance on social distancing and sanitizing.

Sage Talk with Brigadier Rajesh Joshy
A keen mountainer, An expert in mountain, jungle, counter -terrorism, CBRN warfare

Attitude and Core Values are the Real Asset of everyone’s Life’. SAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL invited the real hero and millitarian,  Brigadier Rajesh Joshy,  Akeen mountaineer,  An expert in mountain,  jungle counter terrorism, CBRN welfare to the SAGE TALKS. He talked about the core values and skills that every individual should have within them. He stress on the qualities like team work and trust which a mentor and a teacher should posses. He highlighted the twelve C’s for team building, such as Commitment, Coordination, Control, Component, Collaboration, Communication, Cooperation etc.

Sage Talk with Mr. Vijay Sohni
The Joint Commissioner, State- Tax,MP.

The self made man, Mr. Vijay Sohni. The man with high aims, positive thoughts and golden heart. He guided us with his immense knowledge and gave us direction to move ahead as its never too late. The man who is a Marathon runner, Biker, Swimmer Motivational speaker, Fitness expert, Painter, Writer, and a regular reader motivated the listeners towards reading inspirational books and inculcate those thoughts in our lives. He is an active member of Sri Sathya Sai Seva organization and is specially blessed by his divine lord Sri Satya Sai Baba. His Motto of life is to “Always aim high, as aiming low is a crime”. He inspired us by sharing his experiences and guided us not only to make goals with a time limit, but to write it down at place where we can see it daily and regularly. He empasised to smartly manage the priceless thing which we all consider to be very less i.e the Time. He again n again focussed on the strength of reading and setting goals by a books title, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers”. His achievements itself tells everything about his hard work n efforts put in. He has participated in various National and International Marathons. In 2019, he finished world’s toughest and oldest Comrade Marathon in South Africa, where he ran 87.2 KM in 11 hours 43 minutes. In 2018, he went to Shirdi from Indore pedaling around 800 KM in four days. His session was mesmerizing and knowledgeable.

Sage Talk with Mr. Pratap Verma
Ex- Adviser to the Industry Minister and educational couselor.

It was enjoyed by our audience. His talk was on the basis of-who believe in what we believe in the above post and we are willing to volunteer their knowledge with others. The best way to know this is to share this with the ones who believe in a growth mindset with open mind, open heart and open free will, who are willing to spread these ideas together so that all the parents, students and the school at large benefits. His session could connect with people who are willing to adopt therefore later on they can spread the ideas. He also referred to value of life, Gurukul system. He further talked about how to make decisions in life, culture that can bring behavariel change in life. Over all it was an interesting and significant session.

Sage Talk with Mr. Tapan Arora
General Manager HR in Apollo Telehealth Limited Hyderabad

‘TALENT IS CONSTANT AND ENDURING’ Sage International school took pleasure to hear Mr Tapan Arora, General Manager HR in Apollo Telehealth limited in Hyderabad. The speaker explained ‘The Law of Talent’.He said that Achievers are not born talented but they possess the ‘I Can Do It’ ATTITUDE. He made the listeners realized that talent is within us only needs nurturing.Deep and Deliberate practice is required .He also said that we all need to work on the edge of our abilities.He concluded with an example that We should be like a gardener , patient and calm and work like a carpenter, with full dedication and hardwork. He ended saying that we should always have strong desires and develop our talent to attain success in life.

Sage Talk with Mrs. Breeze Tripathi
Self Defense Expert

SAGE International School, Ayodhya Nagar Branch- Bhopal, had the privilege of having Mrs. Breeze Tripathi, Self Defence Expert as a speaker for ‘Sage Talk’. An experienced HR personnel turned Academician, spoke on women safety and self defence. She said that the aim of self defence is to prevent harm to yourself, cause severe momentary pain to the attacker and make a quick getaway to a safer location. She also spoke about the common and practical techniques to be applied in case of physical attack. She enlightened us about the legal guidelines and gave some very valuable self defence tips.

Sage Talk with Mr. Ajay Kumar Jain
Water Management and Water Born Diseases

THE SAGE GROUP welcomed Mr. Ajay Kumar Jain on SAGE TALk. It was moderated by Ms.Babita.His topic was ‘Water management and water borne diseases.’ He is the Chief Engineer in Public Health Engineering Department Bhopal and he has vast experience in Rural Water Supply, Rural Sanitation and Public Health which has lots of challenges in itself. He is a Civil Engineer with Post Graduation in Environment Engineering from All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health Kolkata 1992. He join PHED as a Astt. Engineer in 1986 and since then has been quenching thirst and uplifting the health condition of people in the rural areas.His experience comprises in various capacities in different districts of MP and CG mostly in rural areas of Vindhya region and Bundelkhand. Today shared his insight and discussing his experiences on “Water Management and Water Bourne diseases. He highlighted on the importance of water in human life. How life started with the up of water. He being the engineering the PHED department how there has been development concerning distribution of water in rural areas and residents of the state. He well explained the reason for different diseases due to the chloride content in the water. The effect is mostly on children. Arsenic, pesticides, nitrate content water is also harmful to human health. The most talked about disease is diarrhoea that is water borne. Mr. Ajay also threw light on how to keep drinking water clean. It was overall a very informative and useful session.

Sage Talk with Mr. Tribhuvan Sachdeva
Tax Consultant & Proprietor at SK Sachdeva & Company

Our guest today on sage talk Mr. Tribhuvan Sachdeva, is well known for his oratory skills. He is an eloquent preacher and effectively delivers motivational and inspirational talks on various subjects. He enlighten us on how we can live happily by making our face look good by makeup and precious ornament that is our smile. As smile is a contagious disease. He asked us to focused on Qualitative and not the Quantitative aspects of life. Worldly things can never make you happy as desires are endless and we compare ourselves with others resources and lifestyle and with thus depression rises and the wish to make ourselves better we start losing our peace and quality. He introduced qualitative elements to make our lives better. 1.Self improvement: its easy to find faults in others rather finding faults in ourselves. 2. Sincerity and hard-work 3. Celling on desire Mr. Sachdeva shared his personal experiences which gave us a sense of our thought and life process. It was a mesmerizing session. Many questions might have come up in several minds but his discourse was in such excellent manner that quenched our curiosities of life. We are greatly thankful to him and await another such session with him.

Sage Talk with Mr. Rhishikesh Dave
Dean, Faculty of Law, Marwadi University, Gujraj

The Man with extensive knowledge and great experience,advising us on Career Goals “Mr. Rhishikesh Dave.” He is an Academician, Persuasive Elocutionist and holds 15 years of experience in Legal Education. Presently, he is a Dean of Marwadi University, Gujarat. He is a Master of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. Also, PHD holder in Sovereign Immunity and International Criminal Law. He worked as Assistant Professor at Gujarat National Law University. He also served NMIMS University School of Law and Galgotias University as Dean. He worked as Area Head: Criminal law department and academic coordinator in Nirma University. Worked as Faculty Advisor at centre of International Humanitarian Law Studies ILNU. He judicialize Moot court competitions like: *Hong Kong Red Cross Moot court competition and may more. He talked about how to guide the students. Not to give stereotype advise. When giving advice to the students, take time out to prepare yourself to check what is the market of any particular profession. Passion meets the reality of life that needs to be found out. Students should not repent after receiving counselling from you. He recognised Bhopal as the educational hub at present time. He simplified on why some One chooses one profession, to earn money, to earn recognition in the society and lastly satisfaction. So main thing he focused on that students should not be frustrated. that often students come to confirm their choices. It was quite a helping session for counselling students and your children.

Sage Talk with Mr. Ankit Batra, Singer, Composer and a talented Guitarist ,founder of Soul Ragga ( Premium Weddings Brand )

MUSIC is the important part of our life.
Sage International School took the pleasure to conduct a MUSICAL TALK with Mr.Ankit Batra, singer,composer guitarist, pioneer of designing customised music,national and international awardee .
He in his session took the listerners to the world of sound and rhythm. He focused that life is full of excitement and enthusiasm if we enjoy it like a music . He said music brings POSITIVITY in the air around us and gives us enery to live a happy life.

Sage Talk With Mr. Radhakrishnan C. , Principal, Hillside School Hyderabad

‘AN IDEA DURING THIS PANDEMIC CAN CHANGE THE LIVES OF LEARNERS’ SAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL took pleasure in attending an extremely wonderful and knowledgeable session by Mr Mr Radhakrishnan C,Principal, Hillside School Hyderabad. The session was based on ‘The Post Pandemic Educators’.He focuses to set rules at the beginning for the virtual classes. As teachers one should be responsible for managing content delivery. He focuses that the educators should improve their technology skills and be intellectual by blending,designing and getting involve in effective use of multi-media. He advised to embrace internal and personal connectivity with the LEARNERS , HOME -FUN activities and Parent Orientation Programmes should be the part of academic system.He suggested to take measures by taking care of physical Kinaesthetic and hygiene aspects , social distancing, fear and worries of the LEARNERS to make him emotionally strong .

Sage Talk With Ms. Palak Saboo (The Co-Founder and CEO at Kaizen academy)

The SAGE group has started SAGE TALK through a webinar on zoom for motivating people and interacting with great personalities from the country as well as abroad. In this series, he invited various personalities who are making our learning enhanced in a positive way. Palak Saboo, The Co-Founder and CEO at Kaizen academy gave the sage talk on skill development and focussed on all 21st-century skills.

Sage Talk With Ms. Akanshi Shrivastava (Android Developer at Gojik in the UX engineering team.)

Sage talk is back with a new session “UI/UX mobile application “by Akanshi Shrivastava. She is a product engineer (Android Developer) at Gojik in th UX engineering team. She delivers a session on UI/UX mobile application

Sage Talk With Ms. Rashmi Golya (An image consultant, soft skill trainer)

Sage International School, Ayodhya Nagar, Bhopal MP has organised a sage talk on “Personality grooming for professionals” by Ms . Rashmi Golya, who is an image consultant, soft skill trainer, and also a TV & theatre artist.

Sage Talk with His Grace Rasananda Das

“An ideal Teacher & An ideal Student” Teacher must be exemplary before being in front of students. For this He/she also have to be a good student. As mention by the speaker from the Bhagavad Gita. 1) Teacher must be a Good listener 2) Teacher always wear smile all time 3) Teacher should be like a friend to students 4) Teacher must be a well wisher of students 5) Teacher must chastise student as per the level of surrenderness . “A good teacher and a good students together can accomplish even the impossible tasks”

Sage Talk with His Holiness Bhakti Prema Swami Maharaja

“God Loves you, Do you love him?” God loves us unconditionally, He supplies us necessary, essentials things like Water, Oxygen, food, shelter. Just like mother supplies everything to her child. But it is the duty of child to reciprocate the loves which is coming from her mother. Similarly God loves us so much, now we have to trust God and reciprocate that love.

Sage Talk with Mr. Vishal Miglani

Planning is an important step one needs to take in every sphere of life. In order to acquaint the earning youth about how we can plan our finances and create contingency pockets, SAGE International School, has organised a SAGE Talk on 10th of June 2021 on the topic Smarter Approach of Legacy Creation. Hence, through financial planning we can, not only create different types of emergency funds and save, but can also create a monetary legacy for our next generation.

Sage Talk with Mr. Ravindra Mathur

Grooming an important step one needs to take in every sphere of life. In order to have a better future in our social life we should be updated with knowledge. We should take a initiative to enhance our skills and talent. SAGE International School, has organised a SAGE Talk on 15th of May 2021 on the topic Self Grooming . Hence, through Self Grooming we can always update our knowledge.