School a Temple of Learning

A school with a strong purpose nurtures that same quality in its students. You find the children developing a clear sense of direction and not just a determination to do well for themselves, but a wish to see their friends and peers do well, too. In Sage International School, one of the top private school students and teachers alike can explain why they are proud of their school. So it’s definitely something to look out for when you’re choosing your child’s school.

A strong sense of community isn’t the only sign of purpose that I look for in a school. Here is my advice on factors to take into account when choosing the right international school for your child. Sage International School is one of the best school in Central India set froths the essential qualities which we look for

  1. GOOD STAFF : As Sage International School, one of the most reputed school in Bhopal has good and dedicated staff. The personality of the teacher should be like the atmosphere of the school, is intangible. Someone has said that personality is “cultured individuality.” It is individuality with the corners ground off and polished.
  1. ENCOURAGING LEARNING AND INNOVATION ACROSS SCHOOLS :Our schools share best practices through many platforms. Educators and school staff collaborates with one another to develop programmes to facilitate the students learning.
  1. PROMOTING PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY : Parents play a key role in providing a supportive environment for our children to learn, and the community enriches learning through the opportunities they provide.
    Partnerships between the school and the community complement the schools efforts to meet the developmental needs of every student, help the students feel a stronger sense of belonging to the community, and shape the educational journey of our children.
  1. CONGENIAL ENVIRONMENT: The whole atmosphere of the school must be conducive to good work. Children may be boisterously happy. It is the spirit, the atmosphere, the social or psychological conditions growing out of the relations existing in the school that gives life to the school and that educates in the broadest sense.
  1. CHILD CENTRIC CURRICULUM: Sage International School is one of the best CBSE school in Bhopal which has planned its curriculum in such a way aims at the holistic development of the child.
  1. SCHOOL CAMPUS: The campus of the school is child friendly. There is enough space for conducting games, sports and other extra-curricular activities.
  1. ACADEMICS: Sage International School is one of the top CBSE affiliated school in Bhopal the excellent school offers an academically challenging environment for all students and the teachers make it a challenge for all their students to use their minds well. They make the students developmentally responsive and are sensitive to the unique developmental challenges of early adolescence and respect the needs and interest of the students.
  1. GOOD INFRASTRUCTURE: A good school is properly heated, lighted, ventilated and carefully looked after by a trusty janitor. Sage International School is one of the best school near Ayodhya region which offers fully air conditioned classrooms equipped with projectors, smart classes.
  1. Skill Education classes: The skill education classes we provide at Sage International School, Bhopal, the best school of Bhopal, facilitates students to excel in any skill according to their interest area.
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School a Temple of Learning
A school with a strong purpose nurtures that same quality in its students
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