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Covid-19 struck us without a warning and left head of all educational institutions scrambling to respond to its exigencies. It has also created a need to creatively deal with such unforeseen and once-in-a-century catastrophic events that are being predicted as the ‘new normal’. School principals deserve nothing less than a pat on their backs for a swift response to the pandemic amid the lockdown restrictions. Their alacrity has resulted in a spate of online classes for learners of every level ranging from scholastic subjects, co-scholastic areas such as fine and performing arts to mental wellness and physical fitness. SAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL *THE BEST SCHOOL IN BHOPAL  Started to take it as challenge and never the less the up came with idea of starting online classes for students welfare and deliver the best knowledge at home to students. At the comfort zone of students and parents.  Nevertheless this idea of school worked as a trigger for students to get connected to their studies. There were many hurdles in between these classes execution but *SAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL THE BEST CBSE SCHOOL OF Bhopal *overcame everything and succeeded in its aim of spreading knowledge to students.

The definition of Quality education has undergone a metamorphosis in the online mode, and now it includes the ICT components that help overcome all the challenges have resulted due to the physical distance between the teacher and the learner. Students were able to connect to their teachers and learn the new techniques of technology. The teacher of the school had a new experience to teach students digitally.  At the beginning it was difficult for teachers too but gradually they began to be new experience setter for child and parents.  The parents were amazed to see school teacher delivering knowledge on such a great pace. It was only possible with the help of school management who guided each and everyone in such a way that it got a huge appreciation.

**SAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL ONE OF THE BEST CBSE SCHOOL IN BHOPAL *   Has been a trend setter for every institution in Bhopal.

It’s not a lecture classroom online,”. “It’s an active learning classroom online It not only give lectures to students but the teachers were able to connect to student emotionally.  The teachers took FEEDBACK from Parents too the response were amazing and it boosted the teacher and students both . To turn this situation into a fruitful way of learning.  Parents were so much patient and calm and had trust in *SAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BEST PERFORMANCE *that it would deliver the best knowledge to students.

As the students were missing school and their friends they were able to see them through online classes the students started to wait for their next class to begin and enjoyed the classroom experience digitally.  Teachers tried to deliver there best in these classes and became trend setters *SAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL UNIQUE STRATEGIES *made this pandemic conditions to E-Learning for the school students and achieved the best. The trend of staying connected to students virtually became a new trend setter for learner’s. The quality of education given was the best and teachers became a digital trainer for the attendees.


learners can’t wait to get back to the schools, this spell of online learning is going to leave principals and educators richer in terms of insights into what constitutes quality education and their own preparedness to deliver it. The challenges of quality online learning will be managed sooner than later due to the inherent transparency of this medium. However, the real challenge would be not to slip into our old ‘teacher-driven’ ways and to remember and apply the learning of this phase to enrich our regular classes post lockdown restrictions!

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