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“What we can learn on the ground cannot be learned in the classroom”.

Sport is an imperative part of our curriculum. Games and sports should be made an integral part of a students life. A student should study hard to be successful in various test and examination, but he/she should also get involved playing games to derive the health and vigour of life.

We at SAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Bhopal, one of the top private school in Bhopal, lay emphasis on the physical alertness along with mental stability and we fulfil this task through sports and games activities. Various games like cricket, football, judo, skating, running etc are played at Sage international school Bhopal, the best school in Bhopal. It enhances the physical stamina and mental ability of students.

The sports infrastructure at Sage international school Bhopal one of the top school of Bhopal, is being thrived with all kinds of facilities required/needed for a successful sports culture.

Huge Playground with basketball court, well – enough spacious for athletics, badminton court and an activity room for tiny tots are available at Sage International School, the best school of Bhopal.

At Sage International School, the best CBSE school of Bhopal facilitates such a healthy sports environment under the guidance of best sports teachers, which captivates the fragile mind of students who are in the phase when the mind freckles at most. We also provide yoga classes where students learn to be in steady and settled mentally.

Because of special attention to spears and games we have won many medals at district/state level competition. This is what we can proud on us i.e.Sage International School Bhopal the top private school of Bhopal. These earned medals not only encourage students but also motivates them to work hard and move towards this direction.

Sports activities not only demand the role of a team player but a leader at times knowing how to lead a team in the school days will boost up their leadership quality which enables them to be a good decision-maker. Being a good leader not only demands them to lead from the front but also need to encourage their team with a winning spirit. This also teaches them to manage team emotions and improve team discipline.

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