The Teaching methodology of Pre-primary pupil

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Sager International school the best school of Bhopal has been offering an education based on the Montessori Method to the pre-primary children. The Montessori Method is based on an understanding of a child’s tendencies and addressing a child’s needs. The aim is to maximize a child’s independent learning and exploration.


All the pre-primary classrooms are equipped with Montessori materials. While some of the material equips the children for their day to day activities, the use of others enables the children to employ their senses for their development. Arithmetic and language learning become easy and permanent through the specially designed materials with which children work every day.

There are two teachers available throughout the day in the classroom to facilitate learning. Class libraries with picture books have been set up in each classroom to enhance the thinking skill and imaginative power of children.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Pre Primary children are given the opportunity to hone their skill in various fields such as Art and Craft, Music, Dance and Games. Educational trips and picnics also form part of the curriculum. In the Kids’ Room at SIS, the children engage themselves in fun-filled activities. In the Adventure Zone, they engage in endurance and stamina building skills. Various competitions like English and Hindi poem recitation, Handwriting, Coloring and Fancy Dress are organized in the school to develop their innate potential.


No formal test is conducted for Pre Primary students. The performance of the child in all spheres is monitored regularly which forms the basis of their promotion to the next class.


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