Parenting in the time of Pandemic

Parenting has always been tough, but homeschooling, working from home, and all the financial uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has made it even tougher. These parenting tips can help you cope.

The unique stresses facing parents during COVID-19:-

With many schools and workplaces closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have found ourselves dealing with a new, and often very stressful, family situation. As well as having to work from home and run the household, you’re likely also trying to keep your kids on track with their virtual school work—all while enduring the restrictions of social distancing and even being cut off from the support of friends and loved ones. With the whole family often occupying the same space day after day, the strain can seem unrelenting. If you or your spouse have been furloughed or lost your source of income, the financial pressure can add even more stress. Left unchecked, that can be a recipe for burnout.

Helping your kids with online classes and schoolwork:-

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown many of us into the role of de facto home-school teacher. In addition to all your other responsibilities, you may be finding it difficult to keep your children on track or helping them with assignments, especially if they’re in different grades. Keep in mind that this is a stressful time for kids as well, and that it’s normal for them to regress or act out in ways they normally wouldn’t. Going easy on your kids can help reduce their stress levels as well as your own.Sage International School, the best CBSE school in Bhopal ensured to sustain the learning process by connecting virtually and made outstanding efforts to keep the learning as easy as possible for the children.

  • Connect with your child’s teacher. Remember, they’re also getting through this by trial and error. If your child’s school is still closed, be honest about what is working with home tutoring and what isn’t. Your child’s teacher has a good understanding of their academic strengths and weaknesses, so they may be able to help you come up with a more individualized learning plan.
  • Create a learning routine. A routine gives kids a sense of normalcy during an otherwise uncertain time. But you don’t have to go crazy with color-coded schedules if that’s not your style. Just create a general outline that you think you can maintain on most days that still leaves room for flexibility and down-time. If possible, try to designate a workspace for each member of the family. Sage International School, the best school in Kolar teaches the importance of performing physical activities along with the yearly academics and also ensured to keep the students active offline as well as online through virtual PT classes.
  • Set goals—and celebrate their completion. Since so much has been stripped from our everyday lives, having something to look forward to can help kids stay motivated. Setting up small rewards, like watching an episode of a favourite TV show, can help them tackle that unpleasant math assignment. Get the whole family in on it. If you all set a few goals and plan breaks together, your kids will see that you’re a team. Sage International School, the best play school in Bhopal makes sure to inculcate the essential morals of life in the students right from the beginning of their education.
  • Get creative with lessons. Doing a science experiment, for example, or cooking with measurements, can be a good way of bringing lessons to life. And consider your child’s strengths. If they love to draw and write, now is a good time to set them free with pencils and paper. Sage International School, the top public school in Bhopal encouraged students to enhance their creative side and make way for new ideas .

Managing behaviour problems :-

Often, when children misbehave, it’s a reaction to the amount of stress they’re under and a way to vent their frustration. Try to keep this in mind when acting as a disciplinarian during these difficult times—and do your best to remain calm. Start by managing your own stress levels through exercise, a healthy lifestyle, making time for fun, and adopting a regular relaxation practice. The calmer and more relaxed you are, the better you’ll be able to handle your child’s reactions to stress. Sage International School, the best private school of Bhopal maintain a very friendly and trustable environment at the school. The students share quite a unique bond with their teachers where kids can share all their joys and sorrows with their teachers. Perhaps the teachers make their best efforts to bring optimism and cheerfulness and eliminate all the pessimistic thoughts.

These positive disciplinary tips can also help:

  • Redirect your child. If your child is misbehaving, redirect them to another activity, such as playing outside or reading a book. As a parent, you can sometimes tell when your younger child is beginning to get restless. Take the opportunity to distract them with an interesting task or a fun game and you can curtail bad behaviour before it starts.
  • Take a breath. There are plenty of ways to relieve stress in the moment when you feel like you are losing patience with your child. For example, take deep breaths and count to ten to allow yourself to calm down. Then you can respond to your child’s behaviour in a calmer and more positive manner.
  • Give your child a creative consequence. For a timely example, if your child goes outside without a mask, ask them to draw a picture of a child wearing a mask or a picture of your family with masks on. Creative consequences simultaneously engage your child while also teaching them that their behaviour was wrong.
  • Reward good behaviour, such as doing well on a school assignment, making their bed, taking out the trash, or getting along with their siblings. In normal circumstances, you might not reward this kind of behaviour, but during this stressful time, nothing positive should go unrecognized. Sage International School, the top CBSE school of Bhopal makes sure each and every child gets proper attention and significance amongst the class for their good deeds and progress.
  • Never yell at or spank your child. Losing your temper in this way will only damage your relationship and impact your child’s sense of safety and security.
  • Sometimes, it may be best to do nothing. Ignoring bad behaviour can be an extremely effective tool when trying to get your child to stop doing something. When a young child is looking for attention, not giving it to them can make them realize that they should either stop or find a more respectful way of finding attention.

Be empathetic about the things that they’ve been forced to give up due to the pandemic. Validate their feelings and listen without trying to convince them that they’ll be fine or reminding them that others have it worse. Sharing your own disappointments and frustrations will put you on the same team. If restrictions in your area make it difficult for your kids to see their friends in person, encourage them to be creative with how they interact virtually.

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