Words of Pearls

Words of Pearls I am a Mother of an average child
Yes, I said ot rigjt and you read it right. I am the mother of an average child. By average, I simply mean my child is an average student and learner, average in scoring marks, average in sports and in extra curricular acivities. What’s special about him then? I find nothing as per our society and school norms.

It is often told to me …. Your son must be good in maths and studies in general… but I always simply replied … no, he is not. He is average. Now the matter is, Am I ashamed to say this? No, not at all. Should I be falsely saying that he is the best in everything, which he is not, in front of others? Absolutely… No.

I can proudly say that my son is that average child who people fail to notice either for not being at the top or being at the bottom. People fail to notice his sweet smile ,funny talks, tight hugs, friendly personality, kind behaviour, mild manners, helpful nature because he is only an average child.

The school, society celebrates children who are top scorers or good in sports and extracurricular, which rightfully they should. I fully accept it.

Amidst all this, my average child who is just a spectator and never fails to cheer his friends with full heart, goes unnoticed. His love for sports, (even when he knows he is not going to be selected for school team), his love for music (even though he knows he is not going to be selected for school band or choir) never reduces. He does all this to enjoy it rather to compete.

Am I a mother who is not strict with him for not scoring at the top. Yes, I am strict to an extent and have lost my cool many times in the past. His words pierced through me when my ten years old asked, “Maa, do you not respect me”?

How many of us thought we should respect children? We adults demand our respect each and every moment of our life. Why not a child?

Among children preparing for IIT, MBBS even at a tender age of 10 years. My average child is talking about travelling the world ,meeting new people and eating different cuisines.

My average child might or might not become a Doctor, Astronaut , Scientist, Engineer, MBA or CA and may not materially be as successful as others do (not necessarily) but what difference does it really make? As he is sure to grow up to be a good person, who will spread cheer, happiness and good vibration wherever he goes and that’s what is more important.

Last but not least and the most important –
Notice the average child. All that a child needs is a smile or a kind word from us adults for just being himself to give him assurance to trust the world.

Each child is unique
so is each parenting Style… I solidly stand behind my child, come rain or shine, I will always be there standing by him. I just pray God for his good health and well rounded happiness.
To end this is my definition of a good and sensible motherhood.


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