It has become a habit of people taking medicine without the prescription of physicians.

A recent case is from my area where two brothers took some medicine bought from the medical shop without consulting a doctor. They were affected by severe allergy and were rushed to hospital on time so that their lives were saved. What does it tell us? If we can take any medicine on our own why should there be doctors and pharmacies? We need to think on it to avoid such disasters.

Medicine is prescribed to cure or fight infections, prevent such severe infections and to save ourselves, from fever and diseases. Physicians, or doctors, have undergone a long period of study and training to treat people with such infections after proper

diagnosis and conversation with the patients. They understand the  history of the patient’s health and the problems. But what we do when we have got fever? We just go to any pharmacist, get some medicine and take it without even reading what the medicine contains. This causes trouble. How can we avoid this problem? Also, at all medicine suits everyone. We need to know what we are allergic to and not all fevers need to be treated with same medicine. We need to take some rest and cure by disciplining out routines.

We should be aware of what to do and not to do depending upon the temperature of the season. When we get fever or have symptoms of any disease better to consult with a doctor and have our body thoroughly checked and diagnosed

for any ailment. Taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor ensures that we take genuine medicine. Pharmacist also should be cautious and not sell any medicine without prescription. Beware, self medication can be dangerous.


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