A step towards mental health acceptance and inclusion

At the very root of the dilemma is the perspective towards mental health. A slight change to this perspective and the directed steps towards the right direction can make miracles happen

Children are the budding seeds and future of a society and there can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children. A child’s pristine mind envisages a thousand thoughts which when moulded in the right shape through the tool of education gives the end result of a successful and contended human being to the society.

Such human resource further helps in increasing he gamut of development that the society might see in all realms, be it economic, social or cultural. Importantly, the course of this journey is quite demanding.

A child receives his or her primary education from his nurturing parents which envisages the basic day to day activities and social characteristics such as respect, gratefulness and other similar traits. Next in queue is the educating institute, which provides hierarchal knowledge to strive in the competent environment of the outside world. This has always been the pre-set course of the path of a child’s education.

The point which has been missed in thousands of years of education and knowledge to children is the exclusion and minimum attention given to a child’s mental health during the course of this journey of him/her becoming a respected and successful citizen of the society.

The outcomes of such neglect and incognisance to the idea of mental health and wellbeing has direct effects on the productivity of a child, both physically and mentally! This stigma towards mental health has costed us so many children who lost their talents and aspirations just because the education system wasn’t competent enough to handle their mental health accurately.

Having said this, let us consider and ponder upon the three major key points towards an adult with sorted mental health. Firstly; Good mental health helps children develop socially, emotionally, mentally and physically. This is indeed the most pristine and crude outcome of positive mental health. A mentally content and fit child is likely to develop and learn more easily and productively.

Secondly; Loving relationships are key to children’s mental health. This point deems true and shows several examples of mentally fit children who are loved and understood in their homes.

Thirdly and lastly; Physical activity and healthy eating habits are good for

children’s mental health. The mental growth of a child demands a wholesome nutritious diet with a positive contribution from physical activities.

The above points are surely a prerequisite set of conditions for a mentally healthy child, but aren’t the only requirements. You see, only planting a seed and providing it with the basic requirements such as water, sunlight, manure etc might help the plant grow physically but might not lead to a healthy plant. Regularly nurturing it with the right amount of care, protection from the pests and extreme heat is what helps it grow.

Similar is the case with children. The relationship a child beholds with his/her parents, teachers and the people he/she meets on a daily basis is what decides his/her attitude, nature, productivity and living!

Another important aspect to mental health is the healthy outflow of emotions.

Youngsters experience a wide range of feelings as a feature of growing up – dread, dissatisfaction, bitterness, tension, outrage, euphoria, trust, etc. At the point when kids adapt to huge feelings or quiet themselves down in troublesome or enthusiastic circumstances, they’re probably going to have a positive outlook on themselves. A positive outflow of emotions helps them cope with such huge feelings and encourage them in ways that lead to their mental growth.

We, at SAGE International school see mental health as a priority realm to overall growth of a child. In our path towards motivating and moulding students into world- class professionals who will excel in their fields and effectively meet the challenges of the dynamic global scenario, we are very keen at prioritizing mental growth and considering it as one of our major agendas in a child’s development process.

With the same thoughts and goals in our minds, we regularly hold seminars and sessions for our children in the direction of positive mental growth. We also provide the facility of individual counselling for every child’s positive development.

Come join us a SAGE International school and see your child grow into and healthy and successful citizen of our society!


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