Tips for improving the year ending results of the students

Everyone in their student life including you too have  gone through the phase of hearing ‘Can do better’ “work hard’ remarks on your report card. The students belonging to good, average or category neither get top grades nor do they get poor. These remarks never changed.

Sage International school Danish kunj originated in the year 2018  with lots of promise and enthusiasm. Very soon it rose to the height of one of the best CBSC schools in the city of lakes.

If we go down the memory lane we realise that the founder faculties worked day and night, when I say this it means truly they worked hard to bring up to this height. At times it was such excitement to plan academics, events, games, competitions and wanted to come out with flying colours.

How was it possible?  We all considered SISDK as one family with our head and the reached out hands of the seniors and the students.

No stone was left unturned where students’ wellness was concerned. Things that were kept in mind were very simple.

Always discuss doubts with teachers about marks in their exams.  The most common remarks mentioned by their teachers in their report card are ‘you can do better’ or ‘work hard to do better’ whenever they faced any doubt during studies they always seek help from their teachers.  Getting guidance from teachers is necessary and whenever you are in any doubt, you should always seek help from them.

Work on improving your weak areas. Simply copying everything from the board is not sufficient to understand and study well. Moreover, if you pay attention in class, half of learning is done.

Encourage to study and teach your classmates/friends, You can sometimes prepare for your examinations with your friends or classmates as group studies.  

Special attention to be paid to improve writing skills for better scores, to present your answers neatly and in a planned manner. Improvement of memory of the students is very important. It has been witnessed they commonly face the problem of fading out during the exams because they tend to go blank could even though they prepared well enough. Students need to work hard as well as smartly for getting good marks in their exams. For average students, the strategy should be to work on improving their mistakes, adopting effective learning strategy and give their best performance.

At the same time we can’t forget the 2020 pandemic situation when the whole world came to a standstill. The whole Universe floated on the same platform. Everything stopped but the teachers didn’t stop. By adopting the new methodology of techno class rooms and online teaching and bringing the children at the same level and carry on is a great achievement. It’s never a child’s play with future of the students and at the end of the year we all have proved it.

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