At this stage we all have the same dreams .We all want one thing and we all are working very hard to achieve ,that and the most important thing in our life is to be famous. Not only fame but also name and lots and lots of money.

And to achieve that we have two paths to choose from. One is the shortcut and the other is the long one and also the hard one for those who want to be famous without any hard work, the simplest way to get fame and money is by unfair and dishonest means  and with that there will always be a fear of losing everything and dissatisfaction also. An honest  person does not have fear of anything. The only thing he thinks about is working harder to achieve his goal. You have to put in lots and lots of effort to get what you want like Sabir Bhatia and Bill Gates have achieved a respectable position in society and they made this possible by hard work.

The shortcuts are too dangerous ,they can ruin your life , they can ruin your life, they  can give you fame but that too for a very short time and then comes defame and once defame is with you that world leaves you on your own and would not even care for you like all those people who get fame and money but are hated by people when their forgery is caught. So mind it don’t take shortcuts because they are dangerous or you will be the one who will suffer.


                                    “  Work hard to achieve your Goals. “


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