Top public school in Bhopal

Buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and equipment-education infrastructure are crucial and vital elements of learning environments in schools. There is strong evidence that high-quality infrastructure improves students outcome and reduces dropout rates among other benefits. And this is what we provide not only a learning-friendly environment but also a better infrastructure in one of the best schools of Bhopal, Sage International school. The infrastructure provides at SIS, a top private school in Bhopal is unique and rarely found in the city. All classes are fully air-conditioned, the furniture for students are comfortable and designed according to the age group of students. Classrooms of kindergarten are full of vibrant colours and pictures which make students learn and encourage the activity-based teaching-learning process. The whole campus of SIS, best CBSE school in Bhopal is under CCTV surveillance, the playground is well enough for outdoor games and activities, the activity room is available for tiny tots of kindergarten, laboratory is well equipped, language lab and math lab is there to rectify the learning process of students and enhances the interest of students too. The library is loaded with various books like storybooks, novels, course-based books, encyclopedias, etc.

However, there are times when irrespective of poor infrastructure, students

perform meritoriously. People may argue that physical space is secondary and concentration is what matters but researchers and psychologist suggest that environmental factors can increase academic performance and motivate attendance.

It’s proven that overcrowded and stressful environment can affect the learning capabilities of children. This is why the infrastructure of Sage international school, Bhopal, one of the top private schools of Bhopal, is designed in this way to cater both learning-friendly and crowd less environment. The site for an educational institution like school (as in SIS) the best school in Ayodhya Nagar is a crucial concern as noise and temperature level are set to affect the understanding level in schools. The physical condition can leave both positive and negative effect on the student’s all-inclusive development.


Properly planned school infrastructure as available in the best CBSE school in Bhopal, that is Sage international school, Bhopal, is an out-and-out key factor in effective teaching and learning. Books can also be an encouragement for the school faculty.

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