SIS – Danish Kunj

Sage International Schools (SIS), recognized for its esteemed reputation among the best CBSE school in Danish Kunj, Kolar Bhopal, operates under the patronage of Shri Agrawal Technical Education Society and is part of the Sage Group of Institutions, Bhopal. SIS was established in the year 2019 and has a newly constructed, modern, and spacious infrastructure that encompasses physical facilities and resources for the students. Sage International Schools (SIS), recognized for its esteemed reputation among the leading CBSE schools in Danish Kunj, Kolar Bhopal, operates under the auspices of the Sage Group of Institutions.

SIS Bhopal plays a crucial role in social development by providing opportunities for students to interact with peers, teachers, and the broader community. We aim to cultivate an environment that nurtures overall development for students. Sage International School is committed to the journey of knowledge, growth, and success, led by a dedicated, qualified, trained, and caring team of teachers.

SAGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL features a world-class infrastructure set amidst lush green surroundings. It is situated in the vicinity of the city. SIS, located near Kolar Road, diligently adheres to the CBSE curriculum, offering education from Nursery to Class XI.

Sage International School Bhopal is known for its exemplary contribution to a 360-degree learning environment. With our cutting-edge infrastructure and holistic teaching approach, we proudly claim a spot on the list of the top schools in Danish Kunj, Kolar Bhopal

Highlights of the Sage International School Danish Kunj

Below are some of the highlights of the facilities we provide at Sage International School, Bhopal

  1. Our classrooms are super cool with AC, and we've got high-tech labs, awesome libraries, fun sports rooms, and a cool Montessori lab that's like a play wonderland!
  2. We've got 291 security cameras around, not to invade privacy, but to keep everyone safe—students and staff alike.
  3. Our school buses are like high-tech chariots—they've got GPS so we always know where they are. Plus, caring caretakers are there to make sure the environment is super supportive and nurturing.
  4. Learning here isn't just about books. We do activities like group projects, sports, and fun activities that teach us how to work together, talk nicely, understand others, and solve problems.
  5. Our study plans are like secret recipes crafted by our R&D team. They cover everything from the little kids to the big ones, making sure everyone learns in the best way possible.