sahodaya interschool ppt competition

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Sahodaya Interschool PPT Competition

Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment

Technology nowadays has taken over every individuals mind. Information technology is emerging as a ground breaking entrant across all curriculum areas.
Learning through IT is the advancement every school is aiming to achieve.
Keeping the spirit of learning ignited, Sahodaya CBSE , Bhopal is giving a platform to showcase creativity and presentation skills.
It is an honour for us to have the privilege to invite your school for a PPT Competition.

For Classes : VII to XII
Category 1: VII to IX
Category 2: X to XII
Venue: Sage International School, Ayodhya Nagar, Bhopal

We would like your School’s participation in the same.


Rules & Regulations:

  1. Participant Schools have to register Online through the school website. Kindly submit your entries by 17th November 2022. Participant Schools have to register their team by 20th November 2022.
  2. There are two categories under which Students can participate;
    1. Class VII to IX
    2. Class X to XII
  3. Participating schools can present 02 presentations (01 in each category) or they can participate in any 01 category. Each team will consist of 3 students in it accompanied by 01 teacher incharge.
  4. Topics in each category are as follows:
    1. Category VII to IX
    2. Robotics – Boon or Bane for mankind
    3. Augmented reality V/s Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
    4. Ethical Hacking
    5. Crypto Currency
    1. Category X to XII
    2. Cyber Security and Threats
    3. Cloud Computing 2022 Vs 2030
    4. Prospect of A.I. in future
    5. IoT (Internet of Things)
  5. Students should be in School uniform.
  6. The time limit for explanation and presentation is 5 to 7 mins.
  7. After registration, you have to prepare your PowerPoint presentation and on the day of competition, you have to present only.
  8. Only one participant can give the presentation from the team.
  9. The decision of the judges will be final and irrevocable.

**The host school will not be a part of the competition.