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Always strives to give a better environment to the students

Sage International School Ayodhya Nagar always strives to give a better environment to its students. Along with quality education as prescribed by CBSE curriculum, the school also strives to include it's students in co curricular activities and extra curricular activities. Debates, speech, extempore, declamation- these are some activities with the help of which the students are able to express they views outside the four walls of the classroom. These activities help the students in achieving a holistic development. Our school always promotes these kind of competitions, the spectrum of  which may be intra class, intra house or Inter School competitions. Our students have bagged the second price in the debate competition organised by the prestigious Sahodaya group. Our young learners are always engaged in debating on the current topics like LGBT, PDS system etc.

Poems are a great way to express the inner feeling of one self, but to our students who pursue literature with enthusiasm and interest, be it Hindi or English,   it also involves the  inclusion of rhyming scheme, poetic devices rhyming metre. Brahmash Arora, of our school won a special category prize in a poem competition organised by the Literary Club of Bhopal. Another student of ours, Ojasvi Shrivastava, regularly takes part in Kavi Sammelans.

Education can never be confined to the four walls of a school. It has to be inclusive where  the students have to put their classroom knowledge to practical use. The young learners took out a rally to make the people aware of celebrating a  green and safe Diwali. We keep on organising events, teaching the students about road safety, clean environment, green environment. 
We also believe in inparting practical knowledge. The students of our school are regularly taken to the nearby factories to make them understand the working of the machines, and the various methods of distillation, segregation, pasteurisation that they have learnt in their science classes. They are also taken to the garden that our school has where the students themselves plant herbs and get a hands on training about the agricultural tools, and the benefits of organic farming.