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Digital Co-curricular Activities

The well being of children is the main concern of any school and one way of ensuring this is by engaging students in co curricular activities.  Various studies have shown that environment in co curricular activities helps students to become strong and also avoid mental health issues, which in recent time has become a major concern for all the stakeholders.
Moving ahead in this direction our school has taken measures to adopt digital co-curricular activities. According to the interest of the students, they participate in IT clubs where they have attend separate classes for coding, artificial intelligence, website development and robotics. 320 minutes per month is  devoted to this program where the students learn not only more about computers, but they  also learn to give wings to their creativity. We have set up a separate robotics lab for the students of our school in addition to an Apple lab and a  windows lab where the students are educated on Mac OS and windows. Our teachers are well trained to impart robotic  education to our young learners. IT experts of various organisations are invited regularly to the school for faculty development programmes. The students also enthusiastically participate in these activities which helps them to implement their classroom learning into designing and under taking projects. 
Our school has tied up with white heart junior via think tank. Coding is a tool that helps students not only to know more about computers but also invokes a desire in them to build and question,  imagine and explore all those traits which  will help him shape his career later on. It helps them to learn computer language to design apps and websites. Students have greatly benefitted from this programme. These type of programmes greatly boost the morale of the learners.