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Vision is something ,which makes our life meaning full , brings life on the proper track and gives us a proper direction ….!Without vision, we  can’t be happy. We need to have a purpose to live a satisfying  and happening life , or our life will be like a pool of stagnant water…!

An interesting quote, about the difference between having sight, and having vision is that,”Sight is a function of the eyes, and allows us to see. Vision, on the other hand, is in the mind or the mind’s eye. It is a proactive portion of our imagination, and helps us plan and think about our ideas. “People without a clear vision for the future are in an endless present, without hope, without expectation, without guidance..!!

A clear vision, backed with the courage to carry it out, significantly increases our chances of success in life. When our life is focused and filled with purpose, we are far more likely to experience fulfilment and significance. It gives us the drive and energy to do everything it takes to achieve it. We live and dream about reaching our goal, and everything becomes part of the journey..!!

The more we can operate from your core, the more authentic we will feel on the inside, and the more impact we will have on the outside..!!

 Exactly is the case with self-improvement .Many people are aware of the need for ongoing self-improvement. But often the emphasis is placed on external factors, physical fitness, acquiring skills to make ourself a stronger leader, or executive acumen. However, none of that will get us where we truly want to go without support from a strong inner core..! The inner core is like the foundation on which the strong building of our personality is to be made…!

We were born with inner power. It is within us, just waiting to be tapped into. When we do, we will find that we are capable of creating boundless success. Our personal definition of success will be different from anyone else’s. It should be based on what we want to achieve in life. Sitting with ourself strips all distractions away so we can reflect honestly on our life. It carves out quietness for our inner voices to be heard, and it reminds us that we are enough and we have everything we need..!!

The more we can operate from our core, the more authentic you will feel on the inside, and the more impact you will have on the outside..!!

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that we have lived and lived well.”

The first half of the quote is a simple statement of truth. No-one lives forever. Everyone lives, and everyone dies. That is the circle of life. But what we leave behind can have influence for years, generations, or even longer. While some people leave a world-wide impact, even the change we leave in our family and friends can be significant..!!

What’s important for us? What are our values and beliefs? How do we want our life to impact others? What would make us proud? It’s not easy to put our life’s work into a focused direction. To know what we want to create, we need to look within us first. We need to begin by identifying our strengths. Finding that thing for us  and making it happen is a worthy ideal something worth dedicating a life to creating. Whatever we choose to do, there’s no reason why we can’t achieve something special, so  we should not give up until we succeed. And …. That is possible only and only , when we have a strong vision in our life for today , for tomorrow and …. For every second of our life…!