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Sage International School Shines at IIMUN Meet with Oscar-Winning Guest Guneet Monga

Sage International School in Ayodhya Nagar, Bhopal, proudly organized a three-day IIMUN (Indian International Model United Nations) meeting from January 5 to 7, 2024, at the SAGE University Bhopal campus. The event saw enthusiastic participation from esteemed educators, students, and schools across Bhopal, contributing to the success of the program with their active involvement.

 Sage International School in Ayodhya Nagar, Bhopal

The event was inaugurated with great fervor, and the chief guests for the occasion were none other than the accomplished Guneet Monga Kapoor, Oscar-winning film producer recognized for her short documentary "The Elephant Whisperers," and SAGE Group's Executive Directors, Ar. Shivani Agrawal, along with Mrs. Sakshi Agrawal Bansal, Group Director. Dr. P.S. Rajput, the School Director, also graced the event as the chief guest.

Welcoming the dignitaries, the school principal, Mrs. Neelam Choudhary, presented a floral bouquet as a token of appreciation. The school students added vibrant colors to the program with welcoming songs and captivating dances.

In her keynote address, Guneet Monga shared insights on the current parliamentary methods and procedures, enlightening young minds about the workings of the Indian political system. She also encouraged students to be aware of their responsibilities and become conscious contributors to the nation's progress.

Ambassador Jitendra Tripathi, former Consul General of India in Sao Paulo, Brazil, added prestige to the occasion as a special guest.

The school feels privileged to have hosted such distinguished guests, fostering an environment that promotes global awareness and intellectual growth among the students. The IIMUN meet at Sage International School not only provided a platform for academic discussions but also celebrated the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing.